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3 Reviews

Kevin Jun 18th 2019

I Cannot go long without S Caps!

A trail angel in 2010 gave me S caps when I was curled up on the side of the trail cramping so badly I could no longer walk or function. I have been using Succeed since that day for Ultra Trail runs, marathons, long bike rides and anything heavy sweating out past 2 hours in length. I always carry extra so that I can pay forward my trail angel who literally rescued me at the SYLAMORE 50K back in 2010. OUTSTANDING Product!

Martha Wright May 2nd 2019

Succeed S-Caps

I have been using S-Caps for long training runs and ultra races since 2000 (I've run 85 ultras since 1997). S-Caps have always worked well for me, and I always carry a few extra which has helped save the races of several fellow runners through the years. Having S-Caps allows me to carry just water (no worrying about mixing up any special sports drinks.) Also, as a low-carb athlete for the last 7 years, it's important to me to keep electrolytes balanced. I appreciate that S-Caps have just what is needed with no extra ingredients.

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