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8 Reviews

Jake May 18th 2021

Life saver!

I'm not an ultra runner or anything, just a hard worker who lives in the hot climate of Hawaii. I'm extremely susceptible to dehydration and my body can quickly go from fine to dangerously compromised on a hot day of work. I found S-Caps probably about 10 years ago...they changed everything! I take them pre-emptively every 30 minutes along with heaps of water and have been fine ever since! I keep them everywhere...glovebox, office drawer, garage, backpack, etc. If I push too hard and don't have them with me...I can still take them after the fact and lay down until they kick in and help me recover from a serious bonk! I even take them before a long surf! Mahalo nui loa S- Caps!

pamela yagiela May 16th 2021

S Caps are a life saver!

The S Caps have changed my life!! I’m a power lifter, I constantly got dizzy after deadlift, even when the bar was light! My cardiologist has been on my case because I have extremely low blood pressure. She said I have the beginning of POTS. I also have leg pain at night. I have faithfully been taking SCaps, and all my symptoms are gone!!

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