Neal Gorman

In 2011, in addition to using S-Caps I also raced with Succeed Amino energy drink during 100 milers and the one-two punch helped elevate my racing from bridesmaid to actually winning a time or two.

At Leadville I remember drinking Amino at Twin Lakes and feeling charged and very alert as I ran practically the entire way back to Fish Hatchery (save a few hills climbing out of Twin Lakes). I passed three runners along this section and came into Fish Hatchery in third place, the position I held to the finish. Cheers on another great product!

- Neal Gorman

Hal Koerner

It would be stupid for me to think of a Course Record and not have S! Caps in my back pocket. They go hand in hand when racing all out like that.

A Course Record pace for 100 miles put my body on the precipice but S! Caps helped keep me on the sustainable side. Otherwise, cramping and stomach issues from low electrolytes would make peak performance impossible to hold.

- Hal Koerner

Roy Pirrung

This year I placed 1st in age group in 4 of 4 national championships. In my 3 ultras in Italy, I relied on SUCCEED products for fueling and recovery, racing over 1,000 kilometers. PreRace Packs, ULTRA, AMINO and S! Caps during each day’s run were followed with Recovery Packs at night. The Italians called me the “locomotiva” as I ran from Turin to Rome, taking second overall in the 448 mile race.

- Roy Pirrung

Michael Wardian

I was so honored to earn a Silver Medal and help the Men’s United States of America’s 100K World Cup Team to its first ever Team Gold Medal finish at the 2011 World Championships held on September 10. Our USA Women earned a Silver Medal.

Being an athlete that tries to push the boundaries it was terrific to use Succeed S! Caps and have them work so well during the event.

I was also in a position to share some extra Succeed S! Caps with my teammates on both the Men’s and Women’s side, and was pleased to hear that everyone who used them seemed to have such positive results.

I hope that both teams can earn Gold in Italy in 2012.

- Michael Wardian

Lynette Clemons

I use the Succeed product line whenever I run or race long. I start with the Pre-race Pack, fuel and hydrate throughout with Clip 2, pop an S-cap every hour or so, and finish with a Recovery Pack before bedtime. I have been able to train longer, recover over night, and hit the trail fresh the next day using Succeed. It works well in both training and racing.

- Lynette Clemons

Anton Krupicka

S! Caps are an indispensable component of my race-day strategy. They allow me to stay hydrated and on top of my electrolyte intake even when my stomach isn’t otherwise cooperating.

- Anton Krupicka

Thomas Reiss

S! Recovery Packs helped me to train 1224 miles in 12 weeks by keeping me injury-free, and my energy high. With S! Pre-Race Pack, Amino HP and S! Caps, I took 2nd place at TRT 100 mile on a rough day in just my 2nd 100 mile attempt.

- Thomas Reiss