Succeed Combo Pack

A combination pack for a single big event

Get all the event-specific supplements you need for an event in one convenient package. One pack for race day, and four for recovery afterwards.

More Information

See the PreRace and Recovery Pack pages for the benefits and contents of those components. Directions for use:

Before the event

Take the packet of PreRace capsules/caplets with about a half cup of water, sports drink or juice 20 to 60 minutes before your event so that they have time to be absorbed from the digestive tract. If you eat a light meal before the event, take the Caps right after your meal.

After the event

Take one packet of Recovery capsules/caplets with a glass of water about 10-20 minutes before bedtime. If you have a snack before retiring, take the caps right after eating.

If you have significant tissue damage from your event, take one of the packets each night for three more consecutive nights.