CLIP2™ Energy Drink

SUCCEED! CLIP2 sports drink is designed for use in lengthy training or racing that last more than 6 hours. It supplies:

I have been an ultrarunner for a number of years. I have been a faithful user of CLIP2 drink along with S! Caps for years. As a physician and an ultrarunner I appreciate the complex function of the human body during endurance training and ultra events. Recently, I have been ramping up my mileage for a summer race here in Maine. I ran out of my CLIP2 drink packets and set out for a 24 mile training run with a supply of a commercial drink. It was a hot day and I was drinking plenty of volume. At mile 20 I developed severe calf cramps and ended the run at mile 20. This has never happened while using CLIP2, even in much hotter weather conditions. Needless to say I will not be out on the trail again without my CLIP2 and S! Caps!
Robert Sansonetti M.D

More Information

In long events, 5 to 9% of the total energy needed comes from amino acids, especially those in the branched chain family. The reduced concentration of those in the blood gives rise to mental fatigue and loss of concentration after many hours of exercise.

If amino acids are not taken during the event, they are scavenged from the athlete's own muscle. SUCCEED! CLIP2 contains branched chain and other amino acids for:

Drinks which contain only carbohydrates tend to acidify the digestive tract after many hours of use. The Medium Chain Triglyceride in CLIP2 reduces that tendency because digestion of fat prompts the addition of acid neutralizing bicarbonate to the digestive tract, counteracting excess stomach acid. The MCT also supplies energy from fat, sparing the runner's supply of muscle glycogen. Studies show that athletes who ingest MCT with carbohydrate can work longer than if they had consumed only carbohydrate.

CLIP2 has enough electrolytes for medium distance events. For longer events, or events in hot weather, it works best when used with SUCCEED! Buffer/Electrolyte Caps.

CLIP2 comes in pre-packaged, single-serving packets designed for use with the common 20 ounce bottles for ultra packs. Bags of CLIP 2 can be carried in pockets or a pack, or put in drop bags along your route. Unlike packets of gel, these are easy to carry with you after opening. Each packet supplies 152 calories.