Amino High Performance™ Energy Drink

This drink was formulated for racing 50-100Km, or Ironman or Half-Ironman triathlon distances.

  • Enhanced endurance and alertness, especially at night
  • Reduction of mental fatigue
  • Faster recovery after an event
  • Support for your immune system
  • An easily-digestible mix
  • Single-serving packets
  • Anti-oxidant vitamins C and E to prevent muscle damage
I found out about Amino from UltraRunning magazine. I bought a sample package and tried it on a 25 mile training run. The product worked so well that I did that training run in 3:23 and felt good when I was done.
Dominic, Lake Zurich

More Information

Most sports drinks provide water, carbohydrate and electrolytes. For endurance events of one to two hours, that's usually all that is needed. But research has shown that while carbohydrates are important, proteins in the form of amino acids are also very important when the exercise duration is longer than two hours. In a long run such as an ultramarathon, 5 to 9% of the total energy needed comes from amino acids, especially those in the branched chain amino acid family ( BCAA ). It is the reduced concentration of those in the blood that gives rise to mental fatigue and loss of concentration after many hours of exercise.

If all you drink during an event is a carbohydrate/electrolyte sports drink, your body will start cannibalizing its own protein to get the amino acids it needs for fuel. That is obviously a destructive process that cannot be permitted to last long. The biochemistry of that process produces two effects.

During the event, you will develop major mental fatigue. After the event, your recovery time will be delayed. What proteins or amino acids should you take during an event to prevent or reduce those effects? You need only those amino acids that your body needs for performance, and you need them in a form that is easy to assimilate. AMINO provides those amino acids in free form. That is, they do not have to be digested, and can go to work immediately.

SUCCCEED! AMINO was formulated in 1990 to address these issues by providing the amino acids needed in a sports drink for running or biking. Along with the amino acids, AMINO also supplies carbohydrates for energy, and electrolytes. The carbohydrates are easy to assimilate and cause no stomach problems. What can you expect from SUCCEED! AMINO that you wouldn't get with other sports drinks?