Guinness World Record set by George Hood

The Record

GWR representative Morgan with George

From October 23 to November 1, 2010, George Hood of Aurora Illinois set a record for riding continuously on a spin bike. George rode for 222 hours, 22 minutes and 22 seconds. George logged 3,074 miles and burned over 36,800 calories.

George did his ride at Urban Tri Gear in Burr Ridge Illinois.

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORD was observed and certified by a representative of Guinness World Records, Ltd.

The Motivation

George Hood's Motivation

George's ride was not for personal glory. He rode on behalf of the Gunnar Hotchin Memorial Fund which was established after Gunnar was killed in Afghanistan in June, 2010.

Over $25,000 was raised for Gunnar's wife and family.

The rules of the event

Pump it up!

According to the rules of the event, George had to average at least 12 miles per hour for each hour of the ride. For each completed hour of the ride, he earned 5 minutes time off the bike for napping or other personal needs. George rode continuously for the first 16 hours. In the 178 hours, he used about 9.6 hours total for napping.

George’s ride was made possible by the fact that during the entire 222+ hours, he had no muscle cramps, and his digestion worked well, with no bouts of nausea or vomiting commonly seen in endurance exercise.

George did the event primarily on sportsdrinks with complex carbohydrates and protein, and electrolyte supplements, and an occasional small bite of normal food.


Pump it up!

You don't exercise for 222+ hours, process 37,000 calories, and have no cramps and no stomach problems on luck. SUCCEED! products passed another tough test in this GWR ride. George used a number of SUCCEED! products during the event:

He also used SUCCEED! sportsdrink and Recovery Packs in training, and after his record ride.

George's comments on the various products and their use:

George Hood's Motivation

PreRace Packs for vitamins, minerals and metabolic supplements

“I took the pre-race packs at least once every 24 hours or so.”

S! Caps for electrolyte replacement

“S! Caps were a huge success in keeping me from cramping during the entire ride."

CLIP2 for complex carbohydrates, protein and fat

“It was amazing that in addition to my thirst I found myself actually craving the stuff....not sure what brought that on, but perhaps I was just getting a bit dehydrated and just wanted to suck down the liquid fuel for the benefits it was obviously providing to me as I pushed on.”

AMINO H.P. for complex carbohydrates and amino acids

“CLIP2 was used primarily during the day and Amino H.P. at night....neither one upset my stomach at all...folks were amazed that I lived on that stuff for over 9 days. Doses were balanced to avoid over-hydration and peeing a lot unnecessarily. Amino did a great job of keeping me mentally focused and confident during the entire night. I was mentally sharp and could have done my taxes on day 9. I was pain-free at the end of the ride. I attribute this in many respects to the Amino H.P. I was consuming.”

Recovery Packs to help re-build damaged tissues

“I took them for 3 days straight after the event, and with rest and no stress from the job, I'm fortunate to have recovered so quickly knowing that all the micro damage done inside my body was healing just fine thanks in part to the success of your advice and taking of the post race Recovery Packs.”

The product set

“The SUCCEED products were necessary to sustain me for this kind of endurance event. I've been using them since 2007 and have set 3 Guinness World Records with them.”


As with any training for an ultra-endurance event, George had to spend many hours cycling to build up his endurance. His training program stretched over many months. George worked his way up to 24 hour rides in his training. He also trained for the sleep deprivation, getting by on only 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night for months.


You can visit George's website